HRI 2022 ~ Publications and Workshops

It's that time of year again! I have one main track paper at HRI this year, which describes an extended cross-cultural (Sweden x Japan x US) replication of the alt.HRI study I presented last year (Paper; Video Presentation). I'm co-organising the Participatory Design x End User Programming workshop (Wesbite; miro board) and presenting a recent 'side project' examining the gender representation in all 684 HRI conference papers to date (Paper; Video Presentation) that I've been working on with friends and collaborators Ilaria, Erik and Anna at the DEI Workshop.

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Feb 2022 ~ New Job! + Talk at Umeå

I am thrilled to have joined Uppsala University and specifically the Uppsala Social Robotics Lab as "Assistant Professor in Social Robotics with Specialization in Trustworthy Human-Robot Interaction". This talk I gave at Umeå University this month gives a good insight into the directions I'll be developing more at Uppsala.

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Dec 2021 ~ New Publication in Frontiers in Robotics and AI

Led by Experts Design and Automation of Robots (LEADOR) is a methodology for end-to-end participatory design *and* automation of social robots that supports mutual shaping, derived from the PhD works of myself and Emmanuel Senft (with our colleague Séverin Lemaignan) . Published open access in frontiers in Robotics and AI special issue "Rising Stars in HRI".

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March 2021 ~ Publications at HRI 2021

I presented two papers at this year's ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction. This main track paper assesses ethical risk posed by anthropomorphic behaviours in socially assistive robots, and this alt.HRI paper details a study with 300+ Swedish high school students investigating whether we could boost robot credibility whilst also tackling sexist behaviour. See the video for my alt.HRI talk here.

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June 2020 ~ New Publication @ RSS

Our paper "In-Situ Learning from a Domain Expert for Real World Socially Assistive Robot Deployment" was accepted for this year's RSS conference. The paper details the technical architecture of my couch to 5km robot fitness coach and presents some preliminary evaluation results. Watch my 5 minute conference presentation here.

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