"Trustworthy" HRI: What & How?

At the Uppsala Social Robotics Lab, I am developing new research lines specifically concerned with topics relating to 'trustworthy' human-robot interaction - figuring out exactly what that means and how to deliver on it with real world robot deployments. I am particularly interested in socially assistive robots, those designed to provide some useful assistive functionality through social interaction, both in terms of how we design/develop them and their impact on society once deployed, both of which are critical to this concept of trustworthiness.


My work is very interdisciplinary, drawing from design, psychology and the social sciences as well as computer science and engineering. I work with participatory design, human-in-the-loop machine learning and applied robot ethics - contributing new ways of *doing* human-robot interaction as well conducting more typical user studies and technical development. My work has a strong focus on real-world and in-situ studies, always working in close collaboration with domain experts and end users.